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c Full Permit Drawing, Application, and Facilitation Service

c Full Permit Drawing, Application, and Facilitation Service

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This part of our services eliminates all the hassles for you as we assume full responsibility to acquire an approved permit.  These services include: 

- Architectural drawings

- Site plan drawings

- Structural engineering analysis with stamp

- Mechanical engineering specification with stamp

- Electrical engineering specification with stamp 

- Permit application and facilitation to permit approval* services. 

What you get for $20,000:  Your building permit.

*  Provided we have what's called an 'as-of-right' permit application, the approval of the permit is guaranteed.  Ask us about  'as-of-right' applications and how bill 826 makes them the fastest and easiest path to your laneway development.

About the price: 

The planning and permitting phase of most 'typical' residential construction projects costs from 8-15% of the total project price.  The bigger the project the lower the percentage.  This price reflects 10% of a very atypical urban laneway project that is at the very low end of the project value range most architects are used to working on.