Your best investment as a laneway property owner. Period.

Proprietary Floor Plan for 16 ft wide lot renting at ~$2,200/mo

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What you get:  A turn-key ready to occupy laneway home as per the floor plan drawing.  The process starts with a meeting with the Architect and General Contractor and all contracts and transactions are done according to established Ontario Home Builder's Association guidelines.

This generous 668 sq-ft 2 bedroom laneway home will rent for approximately $2,000-$2500/month depending on location and whether parking is included or not.  After refinancing it will carry for about $1000/month, yielding positive cash flow from $1000-$1500/month.  

Laneway Solutions designed this suite for maximum durability and long life with a minimum of maintenance.  Don't make the mistake of minimizing your construction costs.  Our premium designs and materials will command high rent and attract desirable tenants that will line up to live in your property.